The Overtalker

Everyone knows someone like The Overtalker. This person, who seems to be present in nearly every culture in existence, is one of those types of people that just doesn't get it. If the title alone doesn't explain exactly who this person is, let me explain briefly.

The Overtalker is the person that, instead of giving you a chance to talk, thinks that what they have to say is so important, they will just talk louder in order for you to . . . understand better? The oddest thing, is that they most likely have no idea at all that this is probably the rudest thing to do in a conversation ever. Not only is it impolite, but it is also a sign of inability to interact with social situations.

Social situations might seem like, a rather broad category, and that's because it is. Any time you're dealing with anyone at all, it's a social situation. What does this mean? The Overtalker is the epitome of the worst person to be around, ever.

If you're still a bit unsure as to who an overtalker may be, this could probably help you out. While he does indeed deserve a blog post of his own, here he is, in all of his . . . glory?

Great way to express your opinion, sirs. Now, I'm sure all of the intellectuals and people with more than 3 total brain cells will agree with you, since that's the audience you're lacking at the moment. (If you watch this to the very end, the closing screen is hilarious)

Notice the etiquette, and eloquence they both have. While I oddly enough believe Geraldo is on the right side of this argument, he's also not dealing with the conversation in the right way. Instead of making Bill look like (more of) an asshole, he's leveling the playing field and coming across as desperate.

How do you deal with a guy like this? I think a perfect example is here.

Here is a link to skip to the important part. Or just watch it all, because it's pure gold.